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. .  Chef Jay Edwards started Tahoe Mountain Tapas in 2012 when he thought he'd open a successful small restaurant serving handcrafted cocktails and small bites. What he really did was help one chef open a restaurant. The small team learned the craft, found good chefs, and made sure they understood the commercial side of the business. The brand now serves clients at 9 locations in Lake Tahoe with a future plan to expand into Reno and Sacramento. I caught up with Chef Edwards to discuss the creation of Tahoe Mountain Tapas and his thoughts on the future of food in Tahoe. CAFÉ SOL OVERSEE: What is your history in the food industry? CHEF JAY EDWARDS: I have a background in hospitality and marketing. I started my career at the age of 19 working at a small chain restaurant in Maine. I was mostly a server at the start of my career. I quickly fell in love with the front end of the business, and learning the craft of cooking. I attended the University of Southern Maine and got my degree in Hospitality and Culinary Management. I worked for a little over a year in a small hotel in Bangor, Maine, before moving back home to California. I also spent a few years working in the tourism industry as a travel agent and marketing manager. I worked at the famous Sand Harbor Beach Hotel on the south shore of Lake Superior. It was a very small hotel with a small restaurant. When the hotel shut down a couple years later, we all moved over to the Great Wolf Lodge Hotel. I worked there for a few years as a food and beverage manager. When that closed down I moved over to the Northstar and Granlibakken resorts. Northstar was not much bigger than a condo, and Granlibakken was a chain hotel that was already experiencing some changes. I quickly realized that if I was going to continue my career, I needed to move out of my mom's house. At the time, the food scene was very small and not much was happening in Tahoe. My love for food and the culinary community came full circle when I attended culinary school. CAFÉ SOL: Tahoe Mountain Tapas has been really successful. What do you attribute the success to? CHEF JAY EDWARDS: I attribute Tahoe Mountain Tapas' success to the passion of our team. We truly love what we do, and love the business. We do take pride in the quality and presentation of our



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CiberCut 5 6 MAX DONGLE CRACKED SiGNMAKER 12 vilibelv

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